Band Patron Scheme - Business Patronage

Bournemouth Concert Brass are a self funding entity. We raise our funds through internal giving, concerts, recordings, Christmas carolling and donations.

Patronage is an important part of our ongoing financial survival and we are grateful to the few friends of the band who for a number of years have supported us in this way.

As patrons we feel it is important that you see tangible evidence of the investment and trust you have put in us.

To that end we have a number of projects that the patronage giving will be ring fenced for in the next few years.

Projects include:

A new Eb bass plus a Eb bass refurbishment - Total cost for the two £8000

A new set of band stand banners (30) - Total cost for the set £1200 * banners can be individually purchased with the donors name embroidered on the inside of the banner at £40.00 each

New set of mess jackets. Mess jackets are made to measure and are the essential part of the bands concert uniform to maintain long traditions of brass banding presentation. Individual mess jackets are £375.00  - This is a £10000.00 project

Uniform covers - For travelling - Lightweight covers to protect mess jackets. Band logo emblazoned on cover £18.00 each (30)

Travel Blazers with band badge. Set of 30 Blazers  / ties at £75 each Total project £2250.00

By agreeing to an annual contribution of £90 a year or £7.50 a month, you will providing that player in 2012 with a new logo'd stand banner,a travelling waterproof and a suit cover as the band continues it's re-branding exercise. In return we can place your company name and logo by that players photo / profile with a link to your business web site

We appreciate the other projects are longer term, but if you feel led to talk to us about being involved in a local project to help raise money towards one of these objectives, then please contact us.