Audio and Video Recordings

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Below are details of album recordings Bournemouth Concert Brass produced. BCB thank the Bournemouth and Poole College / Knighton Heath Music Centre and Oakmead College of Technology respectively for the use of their facilities.

Full track listings from these albums are shown below along with a some sample tracks, click the highlighted track names to listen to the band.

Check out this video, taken in the tent at the Ringriding festival, 1800 men having lunch then 5 bands played to them.

Dancing in the Park - Recorded: December 1996

Dancing in the Park

Conductor: Nigel Taken

Track Title
1. A Royal Mile Suite
i. At the Palace Gates
ii. Holyrood Park
iii. Jenny Ha's Reel
iv. March - 'Castrum Dun-Edin'
2. Dancing in the Park
3. Street scene (Soloist: Peter Hartley - Trombone)
4. Light Walk
5. Rhapsody for Soprano Cornet (Soloist: James Cooper - Soprano Cornet)
6. Reflections in nature
7. Spitfire Fugue
8. Georgia on my mind (Soloist: Richard Baczala - Cornet)
9. Three King Swing
10. The Summer knows
11. Festive Overtur 

Promenade - Recorded: December 2002

BCB CD PromenadeConductor: *Nigel Taken & Lt. Col. Chris Davis

Track Title
1. The Waltonian*
2. The Impresario
3. Demelza
4. Spirit of Celebration
5. Sospan Fach*
6. Dear Lord and Father
7. Persian March
8. Midnight Euphonium*
9. Hungarian Polka*
10. Vitae Lux
11. Deep River
12. The Simpsons*
13. Cartoon Music*
14. My Ain Folk*
15. Manhattan Skyline*
16. Irish Blessing*
17. Gaelforce*